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1) The Incredible Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Hydration is important to our daily lives and water is one of the best ways to achieve this task. Muscles, hair, bowels skin and the entire body are affected by hydration. What is surprising is there are different benefits depending on if you drink hot water or cold water. Consuming water at any temperature helps remove toxins and free radicals.1 Studies show drinking hot water can expand veins allowing for better blood circulation. It aides in calming the central nervous system. The benefits of drinking hot water does not stop there, but how does it compare to drinking cold water?

H2O: Hot vs Cold

When drinking water usually it is in a bottle or a glass filled with refreshing ice cold h2o. Even if it is chilled it rarely picture drinking it at room temperature or hot. If the choice is between drinking warm water or cold water there is no debate, the latter is more likely to be chosen. Water intake can attribute to clearer skin and other health benefits.2 The differences between hot and cold is not better or worse but more of a different goal scenario. Drinking colder water still keeps you hydrated like hotter water. The former provides you external benefits and the latter gives you internal attributes.

Here are key areas where hot water aids the body.

Sore Throat and Nasal Congestion

No one likes a sore throat or congestion but the cause for this is reliant on external factors. The vapor from hot water can help open up airways into the body when you take in a deep breath.3 Studies show you can also soothe a sore throat by having the heated water loosening up mucous that has built up.

Stopping Premature Aging and Clear Skin

Drinking hot water naturally aides in fighting premature aging and clears up skin. Hot water increases body temperature and causes the body to sweat and remove toxins.4 Drinking hot water can help increase the elasticity of skin. This allows skin cells are to repair themselves. A more youthful and glowing skin are just some of the great perks of drinking hot water.

Reducing Stress Levels

Stress affects the body in many negative ways. It can cause you great pain to your muscles and bring damage to organs like the stomach. It can cause you to lose your hair and generally wreaks havoc throughout your body. Drinking enough water can help lower stress levels and helps relieve anxiousness. This is partly achieved by the hot water calming the nervous system and the senses in the body.5

Cramps and Pain

Warm and hot water helps soothe or lessen menstrual cramps. The water helps increase blood flow and can relax muscles that are cramped.6


Digesting what is consumed on a daily basis is an intricate process involving many parts of the body. Digestion involves your stomach, blood flow, intestines and the entire digestive tract. Dietary supplements in conjunction with hot water can help with this process. Hot water helps regulate the necessary actions in the digestive process. This usually improves digestion and break down in the stomach .The aiding of dietary supplements and water intake (warm water to hot) plays apart in how food is digested. Warm water to hot water helps regulate the blood flow in the veins.7 This is needed to properly help in the food passing through the digestive tract. When water lubricates organs along the digestive tract it can help remove waste in the digestive system. Water helping to lubricate the body helps stimulate many digestive properties.

Weight Management

Drinking water for weight loss is a common practice because water contains zero calories. Trying to manage weight and weight loss can be helped by hot water activating the body’s metabolism.


The benefits of drinking hot water can aid in staying regular. Bowel movements and the passing of waste is helped by hot water in this area. Sipping hot water can help with the contractions of the intestines and waste passage.8 Steady intake of hot water can help you flush toxins from the body.

Is It More Beneficial To Drink Warm Water or Hot Water?

Drinking warm water has similar effects to drinking hot water. People tend to ingest hot or warm water as a natural remedy for weight loss and management.9 Heating water to a temperature 120°F and 140°F is ideal (no boiling water), so there is no damage to the tongue or taste buds.10 Preferring warm water or hot water can yield similar benefits so enjoy either way.

End of the day

Water intake also affects fat (adipose tissue), metabolism, blood pressure, skin, and hair. Drinking water is so vital to daily life it is important to find the optimal way to ingest it. Warm water and hot water help greatly and if you want to tweak how you drink water that is acceptable. People add honey, lemon or other citric acids to help maintain weight and well-being.11 Trying to manage pectin fiber and calorie levels can be a great challenge. Heating up your h2o can help in these areas. Remember warm water or lukewarm water can be used instead of hot.


Watson, Kathryn. “10 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water: How Can It Help Your Health?”Healthline, Healthline Media, 9 Aug. 2018,


 Cirino,Erica. “Home Remedies to Relieve Menstrual Pain” Healthline, Healthline Media,2 Feb.2017


Does “high end” mean “high value?”

Are high end beauty products the best way to go? Not Necessarily! I’m a firm believer that there is a big difference between “cheap” and “inexpensive”. Now you can find good quality products without spending a lot of money. In some instances, you are only paying for the brand name — like Q-tips and Band Aids. These names are so common many people don’t realize Q-tips are simply cotton swabs. And Band-Aids… simple bandages. Unfortunately, it’s extremely likely that some expensive products are in fact just as good as low-cost products.

Now if you’re familiar with the TV show Project Runway, you’ll see the models hair is styled with Tresemme products — a well known chain store brand. Which shows the outcomes of their competitions have more to do with technique than the brand of the product.

Many YouTube vloggers often use store drug store brand products when performing tutorials and their outcomes are quite impressive. And many people don’t realize magazines often detail which products are used on the models. You’d be amazed to find that some of these products can be purchased right at your local drug store! In fact, during New York Fashion Week, Maybelline always displays models wearing their affordable makeup line.

When shopping for high-end beauty products, many people think of Clinique or Esta Lauder. But many people don’t know that dermatologist-backed ROC Skincare features some of the highest amounts of retinol that can be purchased over the counter. What it really comes down to is what works with your skin tone and what you’re comfortable paying for.

When it comes to choosing the beauty products that are right for you, what’s most important is finding products that won’t irritate your skin and are right for your complexion. And once you find the right products, makeup tutorials are great for easy blending and effects techniques.

Now when it comes to high end beauty product brands you may get a better selection — just make sure the price you pay is worth it.


H2O: It pairs well with everything!

We all have our views about how water tastes, some like its taste while others claim it as no taste or flavor. No matter what side of the spectrum we all must agree we need to consume it daily in some form or fashion.

Now I am in the “I like water” category yet I understand that opinions vary so I try not to let my perceived bias sway the conversation. If you are not a fan of water remember like most workouts you can modify. I have come across a few things about staying hydrated from day to day that could be quite helpful for everyone. Hydration is one of the main benefits from drinking water which we all know is greatly beneficial. If you want to create a better taste you can infuse it with fruit, this way you are using a natural flavoring. You can add lemon or lime to your water if you want to adjust taste and provide extra nutrients but not add unnecessary sugar. Another aspect of hydration comes from not only drinking liquids but also whatever we consume throughout our day through meals and snacks. Which creates a problem that makes it difficult to get the proper water intake if you are not consciously drinking enough and cannot tell how much you are receiving during the day. Monitoring food intake along with the water levels in what we ingest can help us stay balanced, you can keep a record of foods you eat that have high water content so you can avoid over hydration and bloating. You can mark your water bottle (or any container) with a sharpie, so you know how much water is being consumed at certain levels and times during the day, this can help you set goals and maintain your levels throughout the day.

If there is still apprehension than you can look at drinking water strictly for health and cosmetic benefits. Water helps flush out toxins in your body and helps with weight loss and management. If you have been having breakouts H2O is great with helping improve your complexion. Being fully hydrated increases brain power and help you get focus. The list goes on and on, just remember water is vital to life so make sure you consume it daily and motivate yourself to do so however you see fit. Stay thirsty but not too thirsty.

How To Help Colleagues Get Healthy

I’m a huge fitness fanatic. And I’m always coming up with diet plans or new age workout \routines. But I’ve also come across a few things about staying hydrated from day to day. And it could be quite helpful for you. Now I know from our talks that you are not a big fan of  drinking water, — whether tap or filtered. Maybe because you do not like how it tastes or how you feel after drinking it, which is understandable. So today I have a few ways to help you enjoy drinking water … which can help you stay more hydrated.

Now, staying hydrated not only comes drinking water. But it’s also affected by what you eat  throughout your day. And one of the main problems with staying hydrated is you can’t always tell how much you’re drinking throughout your day. (Especially if you’re not paying attention.) . So to help with this I came up with a few options to  help. I’ll also share a few suggestions for you if you don’t like the taste.

To help keep track of how much water you’re drinking throughout your day, you can mark your water bottle with a sharpie as you drink. This will let you know how much water is being consumed throughout your day., And once you know this, you can set goals for yourself to maintain adequate hydration as the day goes on.

Now, if you don’t like to drink water by itself, you can infuse it with fruit., this will not only help with the taste… it will also give you extra nutrients.

You can also drink seltzer water with small amounts of fruit juice. When you do this, you’ll feel like you are drinking water, but it will taste like you are just enjoying a healthy and delicious beverage.

You can also purchase flavor infused water. This type of water uses artificial flavoring that tastes better. As long as you choose one without sugar or sugar alternatives. That way, you won’t feel a sugar rush or a bloated once you’re finished.

The great thing about these suggestions is  they can help clear up any issues or apprehension you have about drinking water. Especially if you don’t like the taste.

You see,staying hydrated helps your organs work properly and keeps your skin looking great. And once you get past the taste, you’ll be well on your way to staying hydrated and healthy.


Kale: Super Hero of The Veggie World

Hype vs Hero

Kale tastes great and can prepared in an array of ways, so no excuse for you not eating this superfood. Some people still might be a bit skeptical about this wonder food, it does sound almost too good to be true doesn’t it? This seems to be a point of contention among some foodies with a new miracle food trending every season but rest assured we can wade through what is fact and fiction.

Many claims have been made that Kale is a great source of fiber and has more vitamin c than an orange, I am here to tell you that these are true. This wonder cabbage supplies you with vital B vitamins and helps with iron absorption into the body. Kale helps fight cancer cells that try to form in the body and aids in digestion it does almost everything except give you super powers. Many dietitians and doctors agree that while you would not want to over indulge on kale (or anything for that matter), it still stands as one of best edible plants you can consume.

Staying Power

Looks like Kale is poised to stay and will be more than a “flash in the pan”, unlike a lot of super foods whose popularity has come and gone (looking at you Acai), it seems that Kale will be sticking around to help nourish us for years to come. Its popularity continues to grow between 2007 and 2017 the number of Kale farms nearly doubled and once Beyoncé wore a shirt with “KALE” emblazoned upon it, Kale became a certified celebrity food.

Kale has become such a fixture in the health and diet culture that it looks as though the super fruit will be sticking around for years to come.



Nike Lebron 8 ‘Space Jam’
A new legacy and a new shining star for a generation. Welcome to the Space Jam everyone. Set to release July 2021 the new Nike LeBron 8 ‘Space Jam’ sneakers are sure to be a global phenome.  The shoes will arrive just in time for the releasing of the much anticipated Space Jam: A New Legacy, which stars King James himself. Retailers and sneaker heads alike have been eager for what is sure to be the most coveted footwear this year.
Feature, the global online retail destination for style, is poised to be one of the top destinations for the new LeBron 8’s. One of the premiere high-end apparel, sneaker and clothing boutiques around, Feature is the home of many top tier and niche brands. Some brands included are Nike, Stone Island and even an in-house brand along with over 150 others. The wait for this sneaker has been years in the making so the rollout will definitely be as massive as ever and Feature will be the go to place for all things LeBron, Space Jam and more.

2A) Product Descriptions 

Product #1:
Bright and eye-catching melon-tint sole coupled with a beige knitted upper containing hints of grey. The shoe features a red swoosh and matching laces that are accented with specks of navy blue. Light blue eyelets compliment the navy heel and white tongue pulls. The vamp mesh on the side allows for breathability and comfort, while the foam sole provides support without compromising style.
Product #2:
An aromatic green fragrance enjoyed by men and women alike. Containing notes of mint and lime, along with undertones of juniper, this fragrance gives off an earthy yet citrusy scent. Created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu and known for its unique bottle with a sideways green heart, Green by Comme des Garcons is the essential woody fragrance that embodies the essence of summer and spring.



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