H ailing from Milwaukee, WI and being raised between NY and Cleveland has given this eclectic entertainer a wide range of fans and exposure on both a domestic and  international front. As seen on, all major streaming platforms and shows “Love & Hip Hop:LA” and “You’re The Worst”.

Numerous projects and collabs have produced a plethora of hits.

Kaos birthed his free-styling, which led to The Fix and Going Green. Over ten songs recorded in the spare bedroom led to So Official being put in rotation on Shade 45 and VLAD TV picking up The Fix project and cant forget the contributions  to the “Black Salt ” music soundtrack. 


Well in addition to making music I review movies, games and thought I need to do more and thus has become a multimedia outlet and is transitioning into a W3B/Futuristic hub, so take a listen to all of the music and content on the site and give feedback. Thanks In Advance!

Time for #Hashtags lol. #YUP #NO1 #19 #WESTCOAST #SS1

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